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How does the household inverter enterprise stride from the "blue ocean" of the distributed market to the "Red Sea"?

Date:2017-11-05 10:13:17

In 2017, the total installed capacity of the household system was about 400 thousand sets, while in 2015 the household installed capacity was only about 20 thousand units. From the data, the household PV showed an explosive growth, and in 2017, it was also called the first year of the distributed outbreak by many photovoltaic industry.
Facing the "blue ocean" of the household market, each component enterprise has launched its own "characteristic + theme" concept, and the voice of the inverter enterprise in the household market is obviously not as good as the component. From the home market side of the low power inverter, in the homogenization of the increasingly serious competition today, the main low power inverter enterprises and how to use the household market "blue ocean" vigorous strides to the "Red Sea"?
Equal emphasis on channel and technology
When talking about a product with relatively high technical content, the first factor that you may refer to is the technical advancement and stability of this product. It often ignores the series of links that the product appears in front of you, which is actually called the channel. We can not deny the leading role of advanced technology for power electronic products, but we can not ignore the importance of channels for products.
From the channel, each inverter enterprise has its own geographical advantages. In July this year, the national household PV survey report release conference, through a few sets of data contrast, we can easily find that many focus on the distribution of photovoltaic inverter enterprises in its production base surrounding market share is relatively high. Ai Fuwei, Zhejiang's household photovoltaic new this year, about 84 thousand households, and the use of the system ever is around 10 thousand households inverter. So, in addition to the so-called local advantages, what other channels can be developed?
Assistant chairman Zhang Zhongle ever said: "apart from the local market, we through three ways to open the market."
The first is to select the market." The channel also needs a certain cost, we must choose the relatively favorable distribution policy provinces, in addition to Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai these areas, the focus of the promotion of channels in Anhui, Hebei and Shandong and other places. The local people on the household acceptance of PV is relatively high, often in the village with the first "eat crab", in the village of other people will be more recognition of your products, has a "point".
"Second is a targeted recommendation."." Through the use of Market Research on households, we found an interesting phenomenon: the northern areas are often willing to choose the photovoltaic system about 10KW, which means 10KW power inverter better sell; while the southern region is more like photovoltaic system about 5KW, which means that the inverter 5 6KW power to sell. So we will be more targeted to provide products for distributors. And the security dealers profit space is also very important, ever dealer profit margins are above 10%.
"Third is through large companies equity participation, and then to pave the market."." The third method has not been implemented yet, but has reached a consensus with a company. The popularity of household photovoltaic market attracts all walks of life capital predators approach, although the single volume is relatively small, but the potential user base is large, the future interests are not necessarily lower than traditional industries. For example, Suning this year will not be plunged into the photovoltaic "blue ocean"? With these large companies mature, perfect channels and experience may quickly help inverter enterprises open the market.
From the technical point of view, the idea of solving the problem is more practical, there may be opportunities to help inverter enterprises take the lead. Polaris solar PV network previously had an article detailing some of the inverter enterprise technology schools (each has its own advantages)! Santak leads the distributed PV inverter market, Emerson became the capital of the meat and potatoes), for inverter businesses may indeed exist different technical system. But for AI energy, there is no preference for what kind of technology system, only suitable for the so-called two technical factions, Ai Fuxin energy from the relevant enterprises out of the R & D personnel.
Take the wiring head as an example, the connection between the DC end and the AC end of the inverter adopts the wiring method. Usually, due to poor equipment contact, manufacturers in the implementation of DC interface connection, regardless of the use of AC head or DC head will appear fusion, and even spark phenomenon, and the wiring rules can make the circuit breaker in the normal distribution of the situation began to work. This approach is easier to accept for people in poor areas or just in touch with PV, and there are no special tools to solve some of the primary installation problems in the process.
Grasp the market trend, focus on their own director
In view of the doubling of the scale of the PV installed capacity and the rapid decline of the cost this year, the national development and Reform Commission began to consider the reduction of the distributed subsidies. The reduction of subsidies may be to some extent from all extinguished Campbell burst of enthusiasm, part of the distributed PV market next year, there are also some concerns.
In view of this problem, Zhang Zhongle also gives his own view: "the reduction of subsidies at the end of the year may be a big trend, but we don't have to worry too much about the future of the distributed market.". From the development cost of photovoltaic, the decline rate of subsidies is far behind the decline rate of cost. For example, in the past few days, a single crystal enterprise took the lead in cutting down monocrystalline silicon wafers by 0.3 - 0.4 yuan / piece, while the price of single watts for household inverter is constantly decreasing