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The thing about inverters: again on the installation and use of inverters on the RV

Date:2017-11-06 09:38:58

The car Master fly fish elaborate car since the push transit has been received by the friends of concern, this series has finally come to an end, everybody did not address him enough to see! In order to let the riders who haven't seen them enjoy it once, we have arranged the following links. Today, again, the author shared with you "again on the installation and use of inverters on the RV", let's look down together!
The inverter to work, the first to open the master switch, open up switch can be opened, it will work in power inverter, inverter switch press, his role greatly, you can effectively protect the inverter, or give you security guarantee, in case of internal short circuit machine, he will soon jump down to prevent the occurrence of fire, this is very necessary, unfortunately, high frequency inverter to cost almost did not use it, as the inner wall of the power tube problems, it is easy to cause a fire or accidental short-circuit,
It is not necessary to shut it at ordinary times, but it is recommended to turn off the main switch without using inverter for a long time
Inverter switch:
In the open switch, press the switch to the inverter output voltage of 220 volts, regardless of your lock is not open, that is to say, the switch over all have priority, you can easily work inverter when leave the car, and in the winter night you can close the lock, open the switch after using electric mattress heating become reality.
Protective indicator light:
When the inverter has serious overload or the battery voltage is lower than the set value, the indicator light is bright, depending on the situation, the inverter will stop working, and the light indicator will indicate that there is a problem, which is that you turn off the main switch, open again after 10 seconds, remove the protection lock.
Battery work indicator:
When the main switch is switched on, the inverter switch is pressed, the inverter drops, the indicator light is turned on, the inverter output 220 voltage, the main switch is switched off, or the inverter switch is extinguished.
Self controlled cooling fan:
In the inverter power tube temperature to set the temperature will open automatically stop running, running after cooling, because of the use of power enough, this fan is almost not running, riders do not have to worry, but a lot of high frequency inverter because of the design margin, the fan is running, the noise will let you in miserable night
On the noise of inverters:
Because it is pure power frequency design, there are large power frequency transformer, when you output high power, the power transformer will produce buzz, this is a normal phenomenon, just like this shows that your inverter is indeed the power frequency, not a problem
Understand the basic use, then began to enter actual combat, wiring: