Talent Concept
With excellent product quality, moderate prices, thoughtful and timely after-sales service, praised by the majority of users.

Human resource is the first resource of enterprise, and the first factor to strengthen the core competitive power of the company. The company to "the pursuit of excellence, for the benefit of mankind" tenet, always adhering to the "execution and humanized management" management philosophy, follow the "staff and common development of enterprises" talent development strategy, adhere to the "Society for providing products, public service, return the most valuable service" business philosophy, to guide the staff occupation let the employee career development, the future of the enterprise is full of confidence and hope, common development and organization, with talent, self realization stage for ambitious employees.

We respect talents, pay attention to talents and care for talents, and sincerely welcome those who have virtue and talent to join us.

Here, there is a fertile soil, as long as it will germinate, there is a chance to become towering trees...

Here, there is a platform, as long as you have the ability, you may have a sky...

Here, a group of elite, in their respective positions flashing light, has a strong creativity and autonomy, to contribute to China and Thailand, but also for the achievements of pride, and won the leadership of the company recognized, but also received a generous return.

We look forward to your ability to play, to develop your own piece of sky, with your wisdom and sincerity and our overall cooperation, together to build a better, more brilliant Proflex.